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The Mudlark Puppeteers are the resident company of 9th Ward’s The Mudlark Public Theatre. This group is comprised of members of The Black Forest Fancies, including co-founder Pandora Andrea Gastelum. Miss Gastelum co-authored, designed and performed in the past Nola Fringe productions of “The Tragical Ballad of Black Bonnet” and “The Pomology of Sweetness and Light,” which was awarded a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation in 2009. The Mudlark Puppeteers premiered as a company with their puppet operetta “Hunter’s Blind” in the Third Annual New Orleans’ Fringe Festival to great audience acclaim. Their most recent work,” The Bride of Black Lake” was an audience favorite at the Fourth Annual New Orleans Fringe. As a company, The Mudlark Puppeteers specialize in puppet theatre that is innovative and unconventional, presenting original and little-told stories of heroic misfits and wayward love. They imagine hope in the form of new stories— the dispossessed as emerging heroes. The Mudlarks perform regularly in New Orleans, and have toured in Texas and throughout New England.


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